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They planted the lights.

One of my friends strikes again. I love my friend a lot, even more when her direct translations gives me a good chuckle every now and then. This time though she...

posted: 1664 days 6 hrs 20 mins ago by tyokie [ 36 ] in

Sowing circle

I work with an extremely brilliant and competent colleague. (He also happens to host this site.) Anyway, he wrote a fascinating article about 3D printing for an...

posted: 1652 days 11 hrs 19 mins ago by Ginger [ 20 ] in

Please ‘Q’ here.

Dear Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2, this is how you spell the word "Queue." I will grant them that they put it in quotation marks to cater for some non-n...

posted: 1708 days 10 hrs 36 mins ago by JustMadeBetter_tw [ 5 ] in