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Welcome to! A website that embraces broken English or any other language.

Let us introduce you to the joys of being mindful about language, the stuff that connects us.

The history:

It all started somewhere around high school in a city called Harare, from Zimbabwe. With most people in the country being bilingual, and learning English as a second language, the pressure was on to better ones English proficiency at this higher level of study. It became important that you wouldn’t become the source of your peers enjoyment in laughter, after you uttered some broken English. This act, came to be known as a chope.

Avoiding choping, became the driving factor to one bettering their communications skills in the English language. A sort of gamification of learning if you will. Friends laughed at it each other when one would chope, soon brothers and sisters, all the way to cousins and beyond. attempts to capture the joys and good fun that can be found in making mistakes in language. Whether it is a direct translation, slip of the tongue, a typo, we wanted to provide a platform where this movement is put on display beyond the barriers of one on one interactions.

We hope you enjoy the solution and are excited to see what you have been sharing, will share with others and also how you will react to each others chopes.

How it works:

The main purpose of the website is to showcase chopes submitted by users, allowing you the user to vote up or down on the ones you like, favourite or leave a reply on them. Replies will be known as reactions, and even these can be voted up or down by the submitter of the chopes. All this activity means points are collected by users and the Elite are crowned at the top of the rankings. Other associated perks and features will be awarded with due time.


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