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Frequently Asked Questions:

 What is a Chope?

A chope is when some simply speaks or writes broken English, however is not limited to English and can also include a slip of the tongue or funny pronunciation. If you remember one, why don’t you submit a chope?

 What is a Reaction?

A reaction is the response someone gives in accordance with a chope. It could be a loud exclaiming noise, uncontrollable laughter, over the top gestures, however on this website they will almost always ever be a comment of some sort. Reactions can also be voted up or down earning some points to the crafter of the reaction.

 What is an Elite User?

An elite user is a rank given to someone who has submitted atleast one chope, and has had a lot of people favourite or rank up their chope(s). This is an always changing ranking system according to who currently has the most liked chope. What are still waiting, continue submitting chopes. You’ll never know which people will love.

 What is Tone Mowing?

Tone mowing is going beyond slight variances in pronunciation or just an accent. Tone moving is when everything just sounds absolutely wrong because it is being pronounced funny or different from it’s intended phonetics (sounding). Here are some examples of tone mowing.

The person that imagined this phrase into existence used the analogy of a lawn mower, where the term originates from. If you have heard a traditional lawn mower in use, you will hear it produce all sorts of sounds as it grunts over varying heights of grass. As it tries to cut thicker areas of grass, you hear a change in sound as the blades slow down while struggling to continue cutting. This observer then pointed out that this is similar to when someone is ‘tone mowing.’ As they reach different parts of a word that are difficult for them, they might chose to say them at a higher or lower pitch (pronunciation) than normal – almost to the point of making the word sound like another totally different word you might not recognise straight away.

 What is a Slip of the tongue?

According to The Free Dictionary it is ‘an unintentional utterance; a mistake in speaking’. It is better recognised as a mixing up of words resulting in some, usually hilarious, mambo jumbo. Here are some examples of slip of the tongue.

 What is a Typo?

According to the Miriam Webster dictionary, ‘a mistake (such as a misspelled word) in typed or printed text’. It is better known as that moment when you say “oh no”, after you hit post on your smartphone or after you finish typing on your keyboard & hit send. Here are some examples of Typos.

 How do I change my profile picture?
  1. First you will have to login into
  2. Once logged in click on your profile name. You will be taken to your profile
  3. Under your profile picture is a link labeled “Edit Profile.” Click on it.
  4. On the area labeled “Avatar URL” paste the link to either your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other profile picture. If you need help uploading one, please see or email us your image.
  5. Hit the “Update” button at the bottom of the page

NB: Fill in your details as necessary but you don’t not have to fill in the password fields. Doing so will change your password.

 What is a Chope of the Week?

Coming soon.